Building Pharma Brands

by buildingpharmabrands

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Building pharma brands is a very challenging task. In the era of branding commodities it may look or sound less arduous at the outset. But, when you consider the stringent regulatory environment that governs pharmaceutical industry the degree of difficulty becomes clear. What do you do when the task is more challenging? More competitive?  You build your capabilities to accomplish the task. You grow your talent to be more competitive.

Introducing, a platform where you can access and contribute towards building up individual capabilities and grow your talent through acquiring and sharing knowledge – from basics to the frontiers.

A recent McKinsey report suggests that the Indian pharma industry would have about 90 per cent of market covered by off-patent drugs and formulations even by 2015! That means even more proliferation of generic brands. It is not only the products that are ‘me-too’, rather ‘me-me-too.’ What differentiates one organization from another in such an environment is the difference in talent. The difference in capabilities.Of the individuals and the teams. Growing talent, therefore, is vital for not only building brands, but even for survival.

Brand Building is Team Work!

Building brands is not a solitary affair. It is team work. It takes the frontline sales force (Medical Representatives) who are face-to-face with the intermediary customers, who decide which brands their patients should take, the Field Sales Managers (across the hieararchy), Product Managers, Marketing Managers – in the marketing department and members of all other functional areas such as distribution, manufacturing, public relations, commercial, finance, research and development who can create the much needed product differentiation.

Grow Talent, Grow Brands

Let us grow talent and improve our capabilities and competitiveness post by post. Right from basics to the frontiers. Why basics? Think about it. In all these revolutionary changes sweeping the world around us, what are those that have not changed? Basics , of course! Because they are the foundation and the bed rock on which everything else is built and stands.

Come, Join the Revolution! Learn, Share, Unlearn, and Relearn!