Coach or Poach?

by buildingpharmabrands

What is the relationship between coaching and poaching? Inversely proportional. Think about it. As a manager if you don’t coach your team effectively and with a genuine concern for the development of each one of them, you are letting the competitors poach your team from right  under your nose.

Let’s face it. Today talent is short and attrition rates are high. People today in addition to attractive remuneration and hygiene factors are looking for opportunities to flourish and grow in their careers. Learning and continuous improvements are crucial for progress in the current hyper-competitive business environment. Research clearly indicates that people leave more often from organizations where managerial competence and concern towards subordinate development are low. In other words from organizations, where there is no effective performance coaching. Coaching is therefore, not some thing nice-to-have or optional. It is mandatory!

How to coach for performance effectively? When to do it? The answer is simple. Coach as often as you can and as often as necessary. Here are five essential steps of performance coaching to improve performance and develop your team:

  1. Open each coaching session by setting an appropriate tone. Make them comfortable. Remember, coaching is not a performance review or evaluation.
  2. Focus on one or two tasks or activities that are very important to discuss and stick to them.
  3. You can bring about a sustainable performance improvement in your team members only when there is a change in their current behaviors on the job. Observe the transition points carefully and provide timely feedback to accelerate positive change.
  4. Explain clearly specific steps needed for improvement, acknowledge and recognize the progress and encourage continued success.
  5. Set clear, measurable and achievable goals for the next coaching session.

To coach or not to coach is therefore, not a dilemma. The choice is clear. Coach your team effectively or else your competitors are going to poach!