How Well Do You Know Your Brand?

by buildingpharmabrands

How well do you know your brand? Do you know it well enough to understand its personality, character and values? Its capabilities and vulnerabilities? I am not referring to the data sheet or fact sheet of the product which gives all the technical information such as molecular structure, composition, dosage form, mode of action, side-effect profile and the like. They are all important but not enough to understand the brand in totality. That is all valid and valuable information but not insight. What you need is insight into your brand. To gain that you have to know your brand inside out. You have to eat with your brand, play with your brand, live with your brand and sleep with your brand to understand it and tell its story to the target audience in a compelling manner. James Webb Young, the legendary ad man described what a senior writer advised Guy de Maupassant, one of the world’s most famous short story writers on how to write a story when he was new to the craft.

The senior writer told him,’ Go out in the streets of Paris and pick out a cab driver. He will look to you very much like every other cab driver. But study him until you can describe him so that he is seen in your description to be an individual, different from every other cab driver in the world.’  That is gaining intimate knowledge.

Gaining intimate knowledge about our products and consumers is not easy. It is very difficult. Most of us stop too soon in the process  of gaining it. We don’t dig deep enough. we don’t go far enough. If there are no striking differences on the surface we assume that there are no differences. But if we dive deep enough, go far enough, we nearly always find that between every product and some consumers there is an individuality of relationship, which may lead to a unique idea.

Now, decide whether you know your brand well enough to tell your target audience a story that is distinctly different from the rest of the crowd in the category. If not, dig deep enough to strike the oil of distinctive edge and go far enough to find that great, unique idea!