10 Strategic Performance Review Questions

by buildingpharmabrands

Everything we do has an outcome in life. In business too it is our activities that determine and dictate the outcomes. A performance review, therefore should co-relate activities with results to find out the ‘how’ of improving performance. Successful managers – be it sales managers, regional managers, area sales managers ask these ten basic performance questions and apply their knowledge of their territories, people, customers, and activities to gain insights for improving performance continuously. Ask and answer these questions on the first working day of each month and prepare a winning action plan for improving performance.

  1. What did you plan to achieve in the month that has just ended and what did you achieve? What is the surplus or gap like? If it is a surplus how do you plan to sustain it further? If there is a gap how do you plan to cover it this month?
  2. What is the performance cumulatively? How many territories are on target? How many territories are around 90%? How many are around 80%? What is your plan to bring up all the territories which are 80% or above to 100%? And by which month?
  3. Which product groups are on target? How many are around 90%? How many are around 80%? What is your action plan to bring all product groups which are 80% or more to 100%? By which month?
  4. Now about the activities of you and your team. What is your call average? Remember your call average is important as it sets the standard for the team. How many of your team members are achieving prescribed call average norms? How many are below? What are the reasons? What would you do to ensure that achieve the standards from now on?
  5. What about customer coverage? How many of your team members (including you, remember, you are the captain of the team) have achieved the customer coverage as per the prescribed standards in terms of specialty-wise call frequency?
  6. What is your team’s performance in terms of prescription generation both in terms of prescriber-base growth and prescription increase territory-wise? Have you gained or lost? Analyze territory-wise and prepare an action plan to improve in the current month.
  7. What is the total value of business you have obtained from your key customers? Is it according to the plan? Is it more? Or less? If it is more how would you sustain it? If there is a gap, what is the gap like and how would you bridge it?
  8. What is your success rate with your retention customers? Is it according to the plan? What  are your objectives and action plans for retention customers for  in this month? What is your strike rate in terms of customer conversion? Did you achieve your objectives? How many customers did you convert and what is the total prescriptions and business you have got from each customer? What is your plan to retain the converted customers and  for new conversions? What help do you need?
  9. What is your plan for earning incentives for self and the team? Remember, the incentive plan is not just achieve the numbers, but also to ensure that all the criteria of eligibility are met.
  10. What is the status of slow and non-moving products? What is your specific action plan to create demand for these products immediately to prevent them from dying on the shelf and the consequent monetary loss.

Remember, the strategic performance review is not for making a presentation to your managers across the hierarchy or for the consumption of regional, zonal or head office. This strategic performance review is review of you, review for you and review by you!