The Greatest Ad!

by buildingpharmabrands

Ernst Shackleton, the famed polar explorer wrote this advertisement, seeking volunteers for his South Pole expedition. The ad appeared in London Newspapers in 1900. The Response? Overwhelming with about 5,00 applicants. In Shackleton’s own words, ” It seemed as though all the men in Great Britain were determined  to accompany me, the response was overwhelming.”

How could a simple, seemingly inconspicuous in terms of space for gaining any attention draw such huge, unprecedented response? The lure of adventure for sure! And the power of the deadly frankness.

This is the first entry in a list of 100 greatest advertisements (1852-1958). You can say it would be among the 100 greatest advertisements till date if you consider and include all the advertisements published after 1958.

Can you think of any company releasing such an ad for seeking applicants? To do that the work and the job have to be sculpted and carved as adventure, fun, challenging and passion.

Adapted from Julian Lewis Watkins book – The 100 Greatest Advertisements: Who wrote  them and what they did, which was first published in 1949.