Folly of Unselling

by buildingpharmabrands

If a man truly deserves a high destiny, he will attain it. Time spent to thwart him is worse than waste time because it corrodes the spirit of the one who makes the attack. Effect against another rarely succeeds unless that other has already failed. If your adversary is vulnerable, it is permissible perhaps to press home your own superiority. But again, if he deserves and is deserving of his high destiny – you wound yourself when you seek to injure him. There are those men, and those artistries and those business institutions, which never relax their integrity and never lose their title as leaders. They do not lose their leadership because they strive with mind, heart, and soul to continue to deserve it. Wise men do not waste time tilting at such high peaks as these. More especially, wise men do not seek to alienate the millions who have bestowed the leadership. When men in the mass have conferred fame and glory upon a name, it becomes in sense their name, and they guard it jealously. They are, as we say in the colloquialism of commerce ‘sold’ on that name; which means that they believe in it implicitly. And, of all the follies of selling, there is no greater folly than that of seeking to unsell that which is well and truly sold in the minds of men. Unselling fails a thousand times where it once wins a hollow victory. It delays, and distracts, and stirs up the muddiest depths of anger and envy. It poisons the sources of mental and creative activity and diverts them from their honest and healthful purposes. The excitement and enthusiasm it engenders in the salesman who has undertaken the thankless task is a false and artificial emotion, born of unworthy motives. It punishes him whose one desire is to inflict punishment. Meanwhile, the man, or the thing, or the business house, of high destiny goes on unperturbed. If that destiny is deserved it will be attained and maintained.


Division of General Motors Corporation

This is the copy of a print ad in the mid-1920’s. It is indeed inspiring and educative at once.  It speaks about values and ethics and what is needed to become and what is expected of a leader.