Medical Advertising: Headlines

by buildingpharmabrands

It takes more than a great product to break through the clutter of crowded market place. It takes a solid, integrated brand building effort. And successful brand building effort begins with great advertising.

What is a great ad? The one that gets noticed, listened to (a detail piece is also an ad basically), read, remembered and responded to. While there are a few basic principles that make ads great, headlines are vital in getting noticed in the first place. They get the attention and sustain the attention.

Headline is 50 per cent to 70 per cent of the ad. The success of your entire campaign may stand or fall on what is said in the headline. When you think further, the majority of the public does not read beyond the headline. What is more, headlines compete for the precious time of physicians and consumers. Seen for just a split second, they either proceed further if it is enticing enough or pass it up. Headline therefore, is not a wordplay, it is a strategic issue. This is not to say that your body copy is less important. It is equally important and should contain solid evidence to support what you are saying in the headline convincingly and scientifically.

Hate Cold Sores? Be A Sore Loser was an attention-grabbing and intriguing headline of Zovirax Cream (acyclovir), a prescription drug for recurrent cold sores from Biovial. For years, marketers in the crowded segment of cold sores with OTC and prescription brands focused on the problem, creating campaigns that highlighted the patient’s misery and concealment. The Zovirax launch team was determined to standout right from the start and  focused on making their brand a tool of empowerment. The imagery too was totally opposite of everything that was happening on the cold sore segment – a vibrant, energetic, young person reflecting the target demographic and conveyed the most unlikely concept of a happysore loser!’ The campaign grabbed attention right from the start and enticed the reader to go further into the ad.

How do you go about preparing the headlines for your product launch literatures, leave-behind literatures and detailing visual aids? In a detailing visual aid your opening page should have a captivating headline. A thorough analysis of competitors’ communication strategies – what they are saying, claiming and how they are positioning their product and promoting it – all this is vital for developing a headline that differentiates your brand to gain rapt attention and sustain it!