The Ad That Removed Seasonal Valleys from the Sales Curve!

by buildingpharmabrands


Coca-Cola is undeniably an excellent product, which owes its phenomenal success to its outstanding advertising. Coca-Cola started out just being Coca-Cola as a soft drink selling in the good old summer time. dAs a seasonal product if there ever was one. Huge sales in one season; no sales in the other.

The company faced with the problem of selling in the winter time, decided to remove the seasonal valleys from the sales curve. It ran a simple, straight shooting campaign that started with the first full page ad on December 9, 1922, Thirst Knows No Season. The company repeated the headline repeatedly till it caught on. Within eight years, by 1930 the company started selling 66 million bottles of Coca-Cola to the New Orleans’s 69 million population!

Today Coca-Cola does more business in the winter than in the summer. Thirst Knows No Season has become an accepted part of the public’s attitude to Coca-Cola.

Thirst Knows No Season has been one of the two most influential and powerful advertising slogans of the twentieth century. It’s remembered, recognized and used even today!

Can you draw inspiration from this simple, powerful creative strategy and think of applying it to your brand to extend its usage? Can you think of removing seasonal valleys if any from the sales curve?