Pharma Pioneer Passes Away

by buildingpharmabrands

Kallam Anji Reddy (1940 -2013)

Kallam Anji Reddy (1940 -2013)

Yesterday, one of India’s favorite sons, Dr. Kallam Anji Reddy passed away leaving the whole pharmaceutical world mourning.

Kallam Anji Reddy has been a visionary, pioneer, mentor, seeker, and a humanitarian all through his life. Visionary, because he saw the future of Indian pharmaceutical industry before it arrived and before anyone else. Pioneer, because he was the first in most of the progressive steps that have been taken to make the Indian pharmaceutical industry what it is today. Globally competitive. Consider these facts for example:

First, it was Dr. Anji Reddy, who has put India on the bulk drug map of the world and made Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh the bulk drug capital of India and even the world. He did this by mastering the art of science of reverse engineering and producing APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and exporting them to virtually every country in the world. What is more, he has been a major source of inspiration to many alchemists in India who followed his footsteps and contributed to make Indian bulk drug industry a force to reckon with.

Dr. Anji Reddy was also the first to conceive and create a world class research organization on the lines of the company he admired most, Merck Inc. He created Dr. Reddy’s Research Foundation, a state-of-the-art research organization that focused on both process and product research. He was also the first pharma entrepreneur from India to list his company in New York Stock Exchange in 2001.

Furthermore, Dr. Anji Reddy was the first to show the world that drug research need not be prohibitively expensive and it is possible to reduce the costs of research in a collaborative model and proved it by entering into a first-of-its-kind of research alliance for codeveloping a new chemical entity and out licensed it to the international drug major Novo Nordisk and placed Indian pharmaceutical industry on the drug discovery map of the world. Today a number of Indian pharma majors are following this and actively pursuing drug discovery.

He was a seeker who sought to build a Pfizer or at least a company as respectable as Pfizer in 1965, when he first saw a Pfizer plant in Pune. That was nineteen-years before he founded Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories in 1984.

Dr. Anji Reddy’s had a clear vision about what kind of a company he wanted to build. His vision: Dr. Reddy’s, since its inception has chosen to walk the path of discovery and innovation in health sciences. Ours has been a quest to sustain and improve the quality of life, and we have had nearly two decades of creating safe pharmaceutical solutions with the ultimate purpose of making the world a healthier place.

Dr. Reddy’s Labs founded Dr. Anji Reddy with a ₹ 25 lakhs in 1984, is perhaps the most respected among Indian pharma companies in the world today and the second most-valued Indian pharma company with a market capitalization of ₹ 30,000-crore.

Dr. Anji Reddy had been a great humanitarian for the many corporate social responsibility activities that he initiated much before others. A few of the more important initiatives are:

  1. Founding the Neonatal Intensive Care and Emergencies called NICE Foundation, the only institute for newborns in Asia.
  2. Setting up of Naandi Foundation for providing safe drinking water in rural areas and providing midday meals to 1.3 million government school-going children
  3. Starting of Livelihood Advancement Business Schools (LABS-S), a self-sufficient and sustainable program based on a social business model for rural youth and farmers

Dr. Kallam Anji Reddy is not with us anymore. The path, the principles and the guiding spirit that have helped the Indian pharmaceutical industry gain its competitive edge are and the ways and means to sharpen it are with us. Let us pledge that we use them to take the Indian pharmaceutical industry to the next level from the current specialty generic leadership to drug discovery and research-based pharma world. That is our real homage for our beloved visionary, pioneer, mentor, seeker and humanitarian!