The Endearing Ad Is The Most Enduring Too!

by buildingpharmabrands

A 1952 Print Advertisement

A 1952 Print Advertisement

The diamond, a dazzling fragment of eternity has always shed its divine light through thousands of years, captivating humankind with its otherworldly beauty.

De Beers with their advertising agency N.W. Ayer & Son persevered with the idea that diamonds were eternal, forever linked with romance, emotionally valued and necessary luxury. They strengthened the tradition of diamond engagement ring and made it a psychological necessity.

De Beers designed and executed impeccably an integrated, multifaceted marketing strategy that included public relations, direct advertising in print and radio (specific radio programs publicizing diamond trends), and a weekly series called Hollywood Personalities, which published stories in over 125 leading newspapers with descriptions of diamonds worn by major celebrities.

Frances Gerety, a young copy writer with the advertising agency was given a brief to compose a line that captures the physical attributes and legends surrounding the diamond. It is said that she worked very late into the night on the challenging task and when she was about to admit defeat and give up, she scribbled the line that would later be voted as one of the most endearing and enduring advertising slogans of the twentieth century – A Diamond is Forever.

A Diamond is Forever topped the list of ten most loved and remembered advertising slogans of the twentieth cenury. Books and films of cult status (the famous James Bond picture and book of the same title, Diamonds are Forever, for example) have been named after this tag-line. What is more, a song featuring the phrase has been recorded a number of times by some of the world’s most popular artists.

The recent ads by De Beers too carry on the spirit with a touch of humour and sophistication while retaining the endearing quality.


First created in 1947, the famous advertising slogan, A Diamond is Forever remains the official slogan of the company to this day The campaign had successfully influenced the American public to consider a diamond engagement ring a necessity to the engagement ritual. The most endearing slogan has proved to be the most enduring too!

Can you think of  unearthing the hidden gems of benefits in your product and come up with a slogan that is endearing and enduring?