Best of Medical Advertising: Bold, Emotional Copy, and Powerful Imagery Win!

by buildingpharmabrands


The primary concern and treatment objective of oncologists understandably is to eliminate cancer. Treating the excruciating pain is important but secondary. Therefore, in their drive to eliminate cancer, oncologists can be relatively less concerned about treating the excruciating breakthrough pain that many late stage cancer patients experience. If you want to market a powerful pain medication how do you gain and sustain the attention of oncologists and persuade them to make it as important?

Here is what the Archimedes Pharma and their advertising agency Area 23 (A Draft FCB Company) did for their Lazanda®, the brand of fentanyl nasal spray professional print campaign.

First, they have acknowledged the important work that oncologists are doing in fighting the cancer to make their pain story break through the wall of pain denial. Furthermore, they gave them a glimpse of something more that is still needed of them through an emotional and powerful, ‘Thank You, but...’ approach.

The black-and-white photographic portraits of patients conveying the harshness of breakthrough pain with distressed facial expressions were palpable and created a strong emotional impact. The photography was evocative and the lines were great communicating that the cancer pain message in a telling manner. Here is the copy of the ads:

You’re saving my life but sometimes I wish I was dead.

Lazanda works on the break through pain while you work on the cancer.

This ad won the Gold Award of Medical Media and Marketing for excellence in print ads category for the launch of a new prescription drug.

Look at what bold, good, emotional copy, executed with powerful imagery, and type could do a print ad. The same thing holds good for a detail piece or drop-off literature, mailer or an electronic version of your product communication.

Can you draw inspiration from this and think of creating unforgettable and moving communications for your products?