Twenty -Twenty!

by buildingpharmabrands


What does Twenty-Twenty mean to you?

Limited over game of Cricket? Perfect vision? A reputed production company for the British television? A pop-punk based in London, Cambridge, and Essex, UK? While Twenty-Twenty may mean different things to different people, it means one thing for many people.

Twenty x Twenty is a presentation methodology that is becoming popular by the day. It is called Pecha Kucha in Japanese, which means chit-chat. It is essentially a presentation format that is brief – six-minutes and forty-seconds to be precise, during which 20 slides or shown for 20 seconds each. The format, therefore, keeps the presentations concise, fast-paced, and succinct! Because the presentations are brief it facilitates and powers multiple-speaker events called Pecha Kucha Nights (PKNs).

Two Tokyo-based architects, Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham partners of the Klein-Dytham Architecture (KDa) started Pecha Kucha in February 2003, to attract people to their experimental event space in Roppongi for facilitating a meeting of the minds of young designers and architects where they can show their work and exchange ideas. The event caught on and started expanding to a number of cities around the world where Pecha Kucha Nights are being held frequently. Today, more than six-hundred cities across the world hold these PKNs periodically.

A typical Pecha Kucha Night includes 8 to 14 presentations. The presenters (and much of the audience) are usually from the design, architecture, photography, art, creative fields and even from academia.

If you want to start a Pecha Kucha Night, you can contact the Pecha Kucha organization ( to complete an informal application process and exchange a handshake agreement. There are no limitations to a Pecha Kucha Night. Anyone is invited to partake in a presentation. Presenters need to grant Pecha Kucha Night certain non-exclusive rights and license to reproduce their appearance. Event flyers are posted on the global Pecha Kucha Daily Blog and Videos of presentations are posted on the wall.

Pecha Kucha challenges you to think about your presentation clearly, precisely and perfectly. Think about it. Twenty slides, twenty minutes each. That’s all you have to gain and the sustain the attention of your audience and engage them meaningfully. Can you apply this rigorous and vigorous format for your internal presentations too?

Consider for example using this format for presenting your brand plans, strategies and campaigns at your in-house sessions. Would it help in honing the presentation skills of your team members in terms of clarity, precision, conviction, authenticity and help them perfect their presentation skills?