Medical Advertising: Pain Doll Campaign Helps the Brand Standout in a Crowded Market

by buildingpharmabrands


How do you enter an already crowded market like post-herpetic neuralgia or after-shingles pain? You need to get attention, no, grab attention for sure. And then, you need to sustain it as long as you can. Easier said than done?

Consider how Depomed, a specialty pharma company based in California along with their advertising agency The Cement Bloc have done precisely that – grab and sustain attention in a crowded post-herpetic-neuralgia market for their Gralise, the first and only once-daily formulation of gabapentin tablets.

Depomed designed a campaign to grab and hold attention for its Gralise. It created a memorable Pain Doll brand character, who before treatment is stuck with four pins. After treatment, two pins have fallen away. The highly suggestive visualization of a fun, novel icon – the Pain Doll, combined with clean, clever communication were highly effective. Gralise has shown considerable growth and its brand recognition increased 47 per cent in six months.

The headline and copy of the print campaign said:

Give your patients with PHN the full day

With new Once-daily Gralise

Reduce the burden of post-herpetic neuralia (PHN)

New Gralise offers 24-hour pain control

Once daily dosing, favorable tolerability, and effective 2-week titration.

The benefits such as 24-hour pain control, once daily dosing, favorable tolerability profile are highlighted again.

The body copy contains its unique advantages in brief. The campaign won the Silver Award of Medical Marketing and Media in the print ad campaign category last year.

Can you think of creating a memorable brand character, brand icon, or mnemonic to make your communication standout in the already overcrowded market?