Creativity in Medical Advertising

by buildingpharmabrands

Terramycin Ad

This 1952 ad for Pfizer’s Terramycin is one of the most creative ads in Medical Advertising. McAdams advertising agency created this ad and John Kallir wrote the copy.

Describing the 1950s as the golden period of medical advertising, Medicine Avenue wrote:

1950s heralded the wonder drug era. Diseases previously untreatable suddenly could be cured or alleviated by new medication. American pharmaceutical industry, American medicine and the Wall Street shared this triumph of new chemical and biological discoveries that significantly improved public health and quality of living.

Consequently, medical advertising agencies had the enviable task of delivering the inspiring message of technological advances to healthcare practitioners. Medical advertising reflected this technological revolution through a comparable transformation with impactful graphics, challenging copy and media saturation strategies.

If a watershed event in this transition can be identified, it is probably the intensive campaign McAdams conducted under the leadership of Dr. Sackler for Pfizer’s Terramycin.