Ten Commandments of a TED Talk

by buildingpharmabrands

How to deliver a TED talk

How to create and deliver a presentation or talk as inspiring as a TED Talk? Begin with the end in mind. Define your purpose clearly and focus on creating a compelling presentation that inspires your audience and moves them to action. Above all, keep in mind the following Ten Commandments to make your presentation memorable and actionable.

Jeremey Donovan described the ten commandments for a TED talk as it is the benchmark for the most inspiring presentations in the world, in his book: How to Deliver a TED Talk: Secrets of World’s Most Inspiring Presentations.

  1. You should not simply do your customary attention-getting theatrical gimmicks.
  2. You should dream big, show a wondrous new thing or share something you have never shared before.
  3. You should tell a story.
  4. You should not sell from the stage – neither your company, your goals, your writings, your desperate need for funding.
  5. You should remember the simple, eternal truth that laughter is good.
  6. Your delivery should reveal your curiosity and your passion.
  7. You should freely comment on the utterances of other speakers for the sake of blessed connection and exquisite controversy.
  8. You should not flaunt your ego. Be vulnerable. Speak of your failures as well as successes.
  9. You should not read your speech.
  10. You should not steal the time of your audience, of those that follow you. Make your speech worth their time.