Good to the Last Drop!

by buildingpharmabrands


Good to the Last Drop is one of the top ten advertising slogans of the twentieth century, which is still remembered fondly and used even today!

Who has created or coined this succinct, cannot-be-bettered slogan?

Can you imagine that the author of this one of the best loved slogans for a century and more is the former president of the United States of America, Theodore Roosevelt?

According to Maxwell House Lore, President Roosevelt was visiting Andrew Jackson at Jackson’s estate, The Hermitage on October 21, 1907. During this visit he was served Maxwell House Coffee, and he reportedly said that it was Good to the last drop. The owners of the Maxwell House Coffee, Leon T. Cheek and John Neal heard President’s compliment and they adopted it as their corporate slogan. Although, local press in Tennessee covered Roosevelt’s visit, the story has never been historically proven. Maxwell Coffee House, however, in 2009 ran a commercial depicting President Roosevelt telling the famous story.

Introduced in 1892, Joel Cheek named his new coffee blend Maxwell House Coffee in honor of the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. The Postum Company, which later changed its name to General Mills bought Maxwell House Coffee in August 1928 for about $40-million. It was the largest selling coffee in the United States till the late 1980s.

Maxwell House Coffee began to extensively advertise across the US in the 1920s and became the most well-known coffee brand by 1925. It sponsored some of the most popular shows on radio (Father Knows Best) and television (Mama). Click here for watching a 1954 Maxwell House Coffee’s Good to the Last Drop commercial.

Even today, after over one-hundred-and-twenty-one years, Maxwell House Coffee enjoys a leading position as the second largest selling coffee after Folgers.

Even today, the Maxwell House Coffee uses its one-hundred-and-ten year strong slogan, Good to the last drop!