The Uplifting Ad!

by buildingpharmabrands


Coca-Cola, no doubt is an excellent product and a huge advertising success. About ninety years ago, the great marketers of Coca-Cola began the search for ways and means to increase the number of occasions when it could be served and make Coca-Cola fit into everyday life. They stopped thinking entirely about the product and considered only on the behaviour of the people. Human beings get along better when they pause in between spurts… when they pause and make and fresh start. They came up with one of the century’s top advertising slogans – The Pause That Refreshes. It is recognised today around the world even after eighty-four years later!

The Pause That Refreshes is known around the world as Coca-Cola’s very own. It owns space in the consumers’ minds. The idea was first featured in national magazines in September 1929 and the campaign ran through the 1950s. The advertising message was not only appealing but also uplifting to a country that was at war. The consumers needed that simple moment of uplift and pleasure to manage their way through the difficult war years. After the war, it almost became a part of every day life.

The very first print ad had this copy:

Each day tends down hill from that top-of-the morning feeling with which you begin. Don’t whip yourself as the day begins to wear. Pause and refresh yourself with an ice-cold Coca-Cola, and be off to a fresh start. The wholesome refreshment of Coca-Cola has made it one great drink of the millions. A perfect blend of many flavours, it has a flavour all of its own – delicious to taste, and more than that, with a cool after-sense of refreshment. It is ready, cold and tingling as fountains and refreshments stand around the corner from anywhere.

The Best Served Drink in The World. Over 8 Million a day.

It had to be good to get where it is.

Look, study and feel the persuasive power of the copy. It is simple, direct, appealing and convincing. Let your creative juices flow and come out with highly persuasive and convincing communication strategies for your brands.