Best of Political Advertising: Labor Is Not Working

by buildingpharmabrands

labour isn't working

Labour is Not Working is considered as one of the best political advertisements in the world.

It was Saatchi & Saatchi, who created the famous Conservative Party’s election campaign advertising, Labour is not working in 1979. Lord Saatchi, who has long championed the Conservative Party, devised the ad that is widely credited as being a major factor in the success of Margaret Thatcher’s 1979 election campaign. Following the campaign, Lord Saatchi became co-chairman of the party.

The impact of the Labour is not working ad was dramatic, both for the power of the message and for the novelty – for such political billboard advertisements were still new to British Politics in the late 1970s. What is more, the denouncement of the ad in the Parliament by the Labour Chancellor, Denis Healey, helped it as so often with political advertisements –  a little bit of controversy made the message go a long way.

Recently M&C Saatchi paid tribute to the late Margaret Thatcher with their Best Client We Ever Had ad.

The best client we ever had

It has gone so long that the Conservative Party have gone in for an adaptation of the iconic Labour is not working poster of Margaret Thatcher’s 1979 election campaign. The new poster for the 2015 British general election campaign is The Labor isn’t learning. It is developed by M&C Saatchi in cooperation with the Tory HQ. Here’s Tory Chairman Grant Shapps’ comment on the campaign:

The Labour is not learning

Labour is not learning. They still think we can borrow our way out of the debt crisis. Their plans would mean borrowing over £200 billion more. They would shackle every person in this country with £3,200 more debt – over and above the debt they already ran up when they were in government. More spending, more borrowing, more debt – Labour isn’t learning.

Can we learn from these great political ads – The Labour is not working and The Labour is not learning?