Persuasion At Its Best!

by buildingpharmabrands


The Reaganomics T V ad during the 1984 US presidential elections is one of the most persuasive communication strategies of all. It leaves you with no option. You cannot disagree with that. You cannot question the logic or even emotion of it. You have to choose it!

The TV ad – Reaganomics presents a succinct and compelling argument for voting in favor of Reagan’s economic policies as opposed to Mondale’s.


Here’s the transcript of the famous TV ad of the 1984 US Presidential Campaign: Reagonomics.

Here’s the difference between the two ways of dealing with the nation’s economy. With Reaganomics, you cut taxes. With Modale-nomics, you raise taxes.

Reaganomics:  you cut deficits through growth and less government spending. Modale-nomics: you raise taxes.

With Reaganomics, you create incentives that move us all forward. With Modale-nomics, you raise taxes.

They both work. The difference is, Reaganomics works for you. Mondale-nomics works against you.

President Reagan, The Leadership that’s working.

Isn’t that most persuasive?

Now, can you think of developing persuasive pitches like these for your brand that leave no options for your prospects other than embracing your brands?