Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

by buildingpharmabrands


Six small words created an endearing and enduring slogan that is remembered, recognized and used even after fifty years. Let your fingers do the walking. It was the Yellow Pages that first used the slogan Let Your Fingers Do the Walking in 1964. Green Gross Agency came up with the slogan. Ad Age Advertising Century listed Let Your Fingers Do the Walking in its list of top fifteen slogans.

The ad addressed an unmet need in a direct and empathetic manner. Consider this highly persuasive copy:

Weary from shopping all over town for what you want? Take the drudgery out of shopping? Before you take another step…

Today’s Yellow Pages – America’s handiest shopping guide. You will find every product and service you want – from appliances to zippers – listed under the handy Yellow Pages headings. Read the ads under the heading you want for valuable information on brands, special features, store locations and hours. Why not see how easy it is to find what you need today? Save time, temper and your feet – Let your fingers do the walking through Yellow Pages.

Let your fingers do the walking

Some may argue that the ad Let Your Fingers Do the Walking may not be relevant today with the internet explosion and the ubiquitous search engines. You can just google anything you want under the Sun. Even to search on the net your fingers need to do the walking or jumping on keypad.

Can you think of an unmet need or want of your customers and build it into your copy and visual to ring a chord with your customers for your products? Can you think and design marketing communications that empathize with your customers?