by buildingpharmabrands


What is your Mojo?

The dictionary defines Mojo as a magic charm, talisman or spell. Mojo is that positive spirit – toward what we are doing now – that starts from inside – and radiates to the outsides, explains Marshall Goldsmith, one of the world’s leading executive educators and coaches.

How can you know what your Mojo is? You can say that your Mojo is at your peak when you are experiencing both happiness and meaning in what you are doing and communicating this experience to the world around you.

Marshall Goldsmith wrote an extremely useful and even indispensable book, Mojo: How to get, How to Keep it, How to get it back, if you lose it. He describes thoroughly about everything you need to know about your Mojo. Here are the key takeaways from his brilliant book.

Originally referred to a folk belief in the supernatural powers of a voodoo charm, often in the form of a piece of cloth or a small pouch, the meaning of Mojo evolved over time to describe a sense of positive spirit and direction especially in the shifting tides of sports, business and politics.

When you do something that’s purposeful, powerful, and positive, and the rest of the world recognizes it, that is your Mojo moment! Goldsmith tells in a simple, direct way about how you can create, maintain it, and how you can recapture it when you need it.

Your personal and professional Mojo is impacted by four key factors:

  1. Identity: Who do you think you are?
  2. Achievement: What have you done lately?
  3. Reputation: What do other people think you are?
  4. Acceptance: What can you change? and when do you need to just let it go?

Goldsmith also provides a Mojo toolkit to make the process of creating and keeping Mojo practical and doable. He provides fourteen tools to essential for creating Mojo.

  1. Establish criteria that matter to you is about setting ground rules for your life to start on the path toward great Mojo.
  2. Find out where you’re living is about finding balance between short-term satisfaction and long-term benefit at work and home.
  3. Be the optimist in the room shows that there is power in ‘going for it’ (not being afraid to look foolish).
  4. Take away one thing is viewing how life would look if you eliminated something big from your life.
  5. Rebuild one brick at a time. Just like a wall is built by one brick at time, so is your Mojo.
  6. Live your mission in the small moments too, because small moments in our lives can make big statements about who we are.
  7. Swim in the blue water is finding a new way to win that can change the game!
  8. When to stay, when to go. It is better to jump than being pushed.
  9. Hello, Good-bye is just that. How to say,’hello’ and prepare for ‘good-bye.’
  10. Adopt a metrics system. Create a measurement system that reveals what you need to know.
  11. Reduce this number, which is the percentage of time we spend on boasting or criticizing others – by ourselves and others.
  12. Influence up as well as down. Turn important decision makers into your best customers.
  13. Name, it, Frame it, Claim it. Naming what you do can help you enhance how you do it.
  14. Give your friends a lifetime pass. Friends can be more forgiving than we deserve – give them a break.

Mojo is a thought provoking book, which has the power to move us to define us who we are. Marshall Goldsmith provides wonderful perspectives and tools for getting and keeping our personal and professional Mojo.

First know what your Mojo is and then, decide what you want your Mojo to be and use the tool kit to claim your Mojo!